The University’s Business Diversity Program is fundamental to our commitment to obtain a portfolio of critical and valued business partners.  Fostering and maintaining this portfolio ensures that the University has access to the most qualified talent in the marketplace and helps to strengthen the business community both locally and nationally.  

The Office of Business Diversity, under the leadership of Nadia Quarles, works to create contract opportunities for minority and women-owned goods and services, and professional services providers.  Over the years, our Professional Services Symposium has become our most visible initiative. This forum has resulted in groundbreaking and innovative relationships for the University within the legal, money management, financial services, communications, human resources, information technology, and architecture/engineering industries. 

In addition to the symposium, the Office of Business Diversity provides opportunities for MBE’s to engage directly with decision makers in small group settings.  We also host various programs where MWBE’s throughout Chicago can learn from best practices of successful entrepreneurs and can gain knowledge to help scale their businesses. 

Through the Office of Business Diversity, we are building relationships and expanding opportunities with minority and women-owned business and setting the standard for urban universities everywhere.

Nadia M. Quarles, Esq.
Assistant Vice President for Business Diversity

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Nadia M. Quarles, Esq.

Assistant Vice President for Business Diversity